Tips You Can Use When Caring For Your Color Treated Hair

Coloring your hair is a fun and easy way to switch things up if you find yourself bored with your current look. Adding highlights or going from black to a honey blonde is subtle enough that it won’t cause panic with your friends, family and co-workers, but it will still give you that boost you need to fall back in love with your cut or your style.

Whether you take the DIY route and color your hair at home, or if you go to a professional colorist, maintaining colored hair on an everyday basis is something that will fall on you to do.

Understanding what the coloring process does to your hair will help you determine what you’ll need to incorporate into your hair routine to ensure the health of your hair is maintained while you rock your new color. This new care you will take needs to start right away. Learning what a new color will require of you is best examined before you take the leap and apply color to your locks.

Below are some tips for caring for color treated hair.

What coloring does to your hair

As mentioned above, knowing what coloring does to the hair will help you make decisions about what your hair needs more or less of.

In a very basic sense, when hair is colored, the protein bonds that make up the strands are broken down. This process allows the color molecules to attach to the hair. Because those protein bonds have been compromised, you will want to do all you can to add substances that will fill those gaps.

You can’t repair broken protein bonds. Once the damage is done, it’s done. This doesn’t mean that your hair is irreparably damaged. You can still have a healthy head of hair after a coloring process. There are many levels of protection built into each strand. You would have to do a lot of damage in order to destroy all those protective layers at one time.

If your color is applied correctly, you will be fine with simply adjusting your routine to give your hair the extra love and care it needs to perform the way you want it to.

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Earnest Watkins

It’s good to know that extra care is suggested for caring for colored hair. My wife is looking at getting her hair colored, but she’s never done it before. Would a someone at a salon be able to help her determine what she needs to do to take the best care possible of her hair?

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