Revita Conditioner for Thinning Hair by DS Laboratories – Conditioner to Support Hair Growth for Men and Women… Price: $52.27 (as of 10/04/2023 15:45 PST- Details)

GREATER VOLUME, SMOOTHER TEXTURE. Ingredients in Revita Conditioner not only treat hair fibers with premium emollients but also support the barrier function of the scalp, retaining endogenous moisture. Key compounds nourish follicles, promoting and stimulating hair growth.
INCREASED LENGTH, STRENGTH, AND DENSITY. To maximize the anagen (growth) phase of follicles and minimize their telogen (resting) phase — allowing strands to grow longer and thicker — Revita hair-stimulating conditioner employs compounds known to inhibit the hormonal process of androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness) as well as other forms of hair thinning.
DEEP SCALP CONDITIONING. Unlike conventional conditioners in the market, Revita conditioner can be applied from the root. By leaving no residues, it ensures its ingredients reach the follicles, which guarantees their effectiveness.