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Growth Journey: Do Not Forget To Check Your Porosity

You may have heard the word ‘porosity’ thrown around quite loosely when women who are on a hair growth journey get together to talk about their goals. Porosity refers to the ability of your hair strand to maintain the moisture it comes it contact with. This includes water, leave in conditioners, regular conditioners or even […]

4 Reasons Your Hair Vitamin Should Have A Healthy Dose of Niacin

Vitamin A, check, Vitamin C check, Iron check, Folic acid check, Niacin (Vitamin B3), double check! There are many reasons why you might need to watch the dosages on your vitamin label. One reason is ensuring that you are receiving everything you need from the supplement in comparison to what you might receive in your […]

Do You Know The Difference Between Breakage And Shedding?

Hair breakage and shedding can definitely be misconstrued. Either way, you just realize that you are losing hair, and want it to stop, however the only way to stop it is to identify your problem. You must know how to differentiate between these two problems in order to tackle the issue. Something as small as […]