Promote And Stimulate Hair Growth Using Scalp Massages

26 Apr , 2018

If you’ve been searching for a way to promote, maximize or stimulate hair growth, then scalp massages may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Scalp massages, with a specific technique, increases the flow of blood to the hair follicles, which allows the follicles to enjoy better nourishment leading to the creation of more/healthier new hair cells. There have even been researches showing that simple scalp massages can lead to hair growth in balding men:

The study was conducted by Dr. H Choy and as I mentioned there is a specific technique to the scalp massage. You are supposed to massage your head for 20 minutes twice per day. According to Dr. Choy, the reason growth is stunted is because of the trapped sebum blocking the hair follicle.

As you knead and rub the scalp you loosen the sebum on the scalp allowing the follicles to work the way they should again. In addition to this the increased blood flow will keep your follicles healthy and in the study all of the people who participated regrew 90% of their hair.

If you already focus on improving your diet to include more lean protein, fruits and vegetables, then you’ll see even better results in the rate of your hair growth and the overall health of your hair in general. Yet scalp massages will take your hair health to a whole other level. In addition to promoting hair growth, scalp massages reduce stress and promote relaxation. Win win for you and your hair!

The natural oils produced by your scalp are more readily spread throughout the scalp and they are also better able to make the journey along the length of your hair, which makes the hair more shiny and manageable.

Scalp massages are also fairly easy to do and can be done while you watch tv, when you are stopped at a traffic light or when you’re taking a relaxing bath at the end of a long day.

Have your kids or better yet, your spouse or partner give you a short scalp massage instead and you’ll likely fall asleep from the bliss.

While you require nothing but a set of fingers to do a scalp massage, you can obtain additional benefits from the process by using an oil while you massage. Oils provide their own set of benefits to the hair and scalp and depending on the oil used, the benefits may be astronomical.

Choose an oil that addresses any hair or scalp issues you may be experiencing at the time. Do ensure that whichever oil or oils you choose to use are as natural as possible. You may want to consider an oil like our very own Elongtress fancy oil hair growth enhancers which are made with natural ingredients and essential oils which have also, in studies, been shown to increase hair growth rate.



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