Great Deals For Black Friday And The Cyber Weekend Just For You

24 Nov , 2016

If you have followed us for a while then you know that hair growth and hair health is our number one priority! With that in mind it wasn’t a stretch that one, we publish a ton of articles dedicated to both hair growth and hair health and two we would start to develop products specifically geared towards those two goals.

In this post we wanted to give you another brief introduction to our products as well as give you our loyal followers some Black Friday Deals to enjoy. First up:

Our Fancy oils

Our fancy oils are fancy because they are a unique formula that contains a blend of castor oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil and our own blend of essential oils that have been shown to assist hair growth. Used regularly, the oil revitalizes weak, dry damaged hair keeping it hydrated for longer while also keeping the scalp supple and moisturized.

They come in a variety of flavors that will fit any taste:

EFO group 1

1. Elongtress Fancy Oil – Hair Growth Enhancer Strawberry Shake
2. Elongtress Fancy Oil – Hair Growth Enhancer Vanilla Caramel Cupcake
3. Elongtress Fancy Oil – Hair Growth Enhancer Coconut and Almond
4. Elongtress Fancy Oil – Hair Growth Enhancer Watermelon Burst

Check out this awesome review:

When it was applied to my hair, it was obvious that it was going to become a staple. My dry hair became moist, but not greasy. It’s only been less than a week since I began using the hair growth enhancer along with the Elongtress vitamins with biotin.

Elongtress Vitamins


Now oils are great but we all know that what we put in our bodies plays a more significant role in how fast our hair grows. With health comes wealth right? This is the reason we launched our veteran product our Elongtress Hair vitamins first.

Elongtress Hair Vitamins are a high strength vitamin formula that delivers targeted nutrition to your hair from the inside. This was our first product launched and our customers have had a ton of success taking them.


I have to say Elongtress is a much superior grade hair vitamin. Elongtress has more supplements and higher dosages of the main ingredient…biotin. Plus, my hair is growing much faster now.

I tend to have weak, fragile nails from wearing acrylic for decades. But, now my nails are growing longer and stronger at a much faster rate. I can see the color of my fingernails have become brighter and lighter.

I don’t have acne or problem skin, but my complexion is noticeably smoother and healthier looking. I thought it was my imagination. That’s why I waited until the second month before sharing my experience. I’m really excited about the results after just one month. I can hardly wait to what ongoing use will do for my skin, hair, and nails!! To be continued……

The ingredients are all natural, and include everything from Vitamine E, C, B6 and Biotin, feel free to check out all the ingredients here. By the way if you prefer just Biotin we have those as well.

Your exclusive offer

With all that said, its almost Black Friday and tonight when you all start shopping we want to ensure that you keep your hair in mind as a priority and finish this year off strong.

We wanted to ensure that we had some Black Friday exclusive deals for our number one supporters here:

Here is the first one:

Starting tonight for 24hour only use the above coupon to get Vitamins and Fancy Oils from, just click the image and it will take you straight there, or you can click here.

In case you miss that deal or for some reason you cannot shop tonight we have one more exclusive for you:


These cyber deals start on 11/26 and ends on the 28th so you have the entire weekend to stock up. Click here.

Happy shopping yall, and have a blessed holiday!

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