7 Foods That Increase Hair Growth

04 Jul , 2016

Ever heard the phrase you are what you eat? Well did you know that not only does this apply to your body appearance, it can also apply to your hair growth.

Your hair is a part of the integumentary organ system consisting of the skin, hair, nails, and exocrine glands. The success of this system relies heavily on internal health. Eat food high in the right nutrients, and you’re bound to see a positive outcome. Many foods also have great benefits when applied topically.

Here are 7 foods that will increase your hair growth:



Salmon is a fish that is packed with tons of vitamin D and protein which help to build strong hair. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids that promote hair growth by keeping your scalp healthy. Definitely something you want to consume regularly.



Avocados have a high concentration of essential fatty acids naturally found in skin cells, which assist in keeping your skin smooth. When applied topically to the hair and scalp, they have the added ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Doing a hair mask can go a long way.



Eggs, particularly the yolk, are a good source of omega-3s, and they also contain biotin which is known to increase hair growth.

Sweet potatoes

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene, the precursor for vitamin A that not only promotes a healthy scalp but effectively promotes hair growth, too.

Yellow peppers

yellow peppers

Yellow bell peppers have nearly five and a half times more vitamin C than oranges. Being that vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles as well as prevents breakage, you’ll want to make sure you’re including these peppers in your diet.

Sunflower seeds

sunflower seeds

Sunflower seed are a good source of vitamin E, which will enhance blood flow to the scalp and promote faster hair growth.



These nuts contain a high concentration of biotin which will make your hair grow faster and thicker. One cup contains nearly one-third of your daily requirement. You should be able to see the results in a month or two of adding them to your diet.

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