5 Tips On How To Achieve Your Hair Growth Goals In 2017

05 Jan , 2017

We are well on our way to completing the first week of 2017 and as the time flies by most of us are still in goal mode. Personally, I take most of January to do trial and error on the execution of my plans for any goals that I want to meet within the year.

Hair growth and healthy hair are still a top priority for many of the women we come in contact with daily and in this post, we wanted to give you 5 tips that you need to take to meet those goals.

1. Get healthy overall

Hair growth and hair health is achieved easily when you focus on staying healthy in mind and body as well. The more exercise you get and the healthier you eat the more your hair will grow and the healthier it will look.

2. Get regular trims

This might sound a bit odd but the goal is to trim your hair enough to keep the ends sharp and healthy but not to trim off so much that the hair growth you achieve is removed with the scissors. Focus on keeping your ends as sharp as you can so that you get rid of splits and knots early.

3. Take a supplement

Elongtress Biotin and our multivitamins are designed to help you with your goals and to pick up in places where you fall short. You will see a huge difference in your hair and nails when you add a supplement to your diet.

4. Protective style

If you are serious about hair growth you have to get serious about protective styling. There is no way around it! Black hair thrives on low manipulation so get committed to protecting your strands as much as you can for long periods of time.

5. Nail down your regimen

Deep condition weekly, massage your scalp, cleanse your scalp and keep your hair moisturized. All of these hair practices help to keep your hair healthy and strong. The best way to get the most out of your regimen is though consistency and commitment.

Follow these 5 tips and your 2017 hair goals will be a breeze. What are your 2017 hair goals? Comment below

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