3 Ways To Get Your Missing Hairline Back

22 Nov , 2014

I was looking at some little known hair loss tidbits a few days ago some of which I found quite interesting, did you know that 24% of women who suffer from hair loss equate that with losing a limb? Then there is this little known fact that stress can be a significant cause of hair loss although it is usually temporary.

Here is the kicker though 1 in 4 women are predisposed hereditary hair loss and the hair will not grow back on its own. Bored yet? The stats are always boring but when you are really a victim of hair loss you get some hope from knowing there is a chance you can get the hair lost in the middle of your hair back or specifically on your edges where many of us tend to suffer the most loss.

Losing your hairline is no joke, it affects the way your style looks, it affects your confidence and If I could be allowed one more statistical fact, 90% of women suffering from hair loss has some form of self esteem issue.

What is considered a normal hairline

You might wonder what the experts consider to be normal for a hair line, lets quote them…

Experts usually consider a female hairline “normal” if it forms an upside down U and is located approximately 2 inches (5 cm) to 2.4 inches (6 cm) above the eyebrows. Even so, many women fall short of this ideal in one way or another. Irregularities are often due to changes in the hair’s growth pattern.

For a women the differences in hair line from one individual to the next are wide and varied that there really isn’t too much of a rule of thumb on how each head is supposed to look. The same thing can be said about losing our edges, for some it can be the sides right there at the temples, for others it could be the nape area and for many of us it can be the crown.

The main causes of hairline hair loss

When a woman is losing her edges we are always quick to say, ‘girl you better lay off of them weaves and braids” “Your hair is too tight” and even though tension is a huge cause of hair loss, there are other causes too from scalp issues to slow hair growth in those areas, genes or just a gradual thinning due to hormonal changes and age. For some it may also just be misuse of glue based hair extensions that causes the hair loss.

Once you have identified any physical cause for the hair loss on your part you can change your behavior and nurse your hair back to health. This means, laying off any hair styles that can cause stress to your edges, overall scalp care and taking a vitamin supplement.

How to protect your hairline from high tension styles

Listen, we love a great braided style or some glam extensions just like the next girl, but if your braids are too tight causing your hair to literally rip out of its hair follicle you will notice your edges starting to disappear.

When you cause unnecessary trauma to your hair the likelihood of your hair growing back with ease is less than expected.

Your scalp will need time to heal, and your follicle swill have to become fully functional again before you start to see hair growth. Is this impossible? Absolutely not, but it helps to style your hair in a way that gives your edges a break.

Forget about the latest edge control product and that harsh bristle brush, just allow your hair to breath with loose styles or even loose flat twists or braids along the hairline with no tension whatsoever.

Once you get your styling practice down pat you will give your edges some time to heal themselves and become normal again. If your hairline has been receding for a while, you will have to pull out the big guns to start seeing some recovery. This means even more of a commitment to avoiding braided styles or extensions as well as a great well rounded hair supplement to improve the nutrient density of your diet from the inside.

Why scalp health is important

Scalp care is a whole blog post on to itself but the gist of scalp care is keeping your scalp clean so that the entire process of hair growth can happen the way it should. Our scalp is simply an extension of our skin but with our use of styling gels, creams, sprays, moisturizers our scalp is very susceptible to build up and even flaking.

The cool thing about our scalp is that it moisturizes itself by producing sebum which is its own natural moisturizer. Our hairline is more exposed to the elements so sometimes we have to improvise and help things out by massaging our edges with oils that can moisturize and get the blood flowing in those areas. Peppermint oil, tea tree oil and rosemary oils are all great options for moisture, sealing and massages.

When you care for your scalp overall while suffering from hair loss on your edges or even on other areas of your scalp it makes even more sense to be diligent about your entire regimen so that you do not miss anything.

Why is supplementation important

Taking a hair supplement when experiencing hair loss is not only a great thing to do along with a healthy diet, it can really help you to see results faster than you would if you did not supplement.

Hair vitamins need to be wholesome in composition meaning when you look at the ingredient list you should see a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A and B, Biotin and Fatty acids that are carefully picked out to jump start your hair growth.

The Elongtress hair vitamin is specially formulated with hair growth in mind, we ensured that it was complete with all of the vitamins and minerals mentioned including a few more that target overall hair health. If you need a supplement that targets growth and overall health then our vitamin is the best choice.

The point is whether you lost your hairline due to stress, genes or hormonal changes, you are determined to improve things then you need a complete regimen that will help you to achieve your goals. Your regimen will include prevention, by protecting you hairline from styles that cause tension, keeping your scalp healthy and finally supplementation.

One more thing, it is always a great idea to see a physician if you have any underlying issues or just for overall health and support. For now though, if you need a supplement to meet your goals click here.

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