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Hair Growth: Relaxed vs Natural

Relaxed vs natural hair seems to be a continuous debate within the African American community. Which is better? Which exhibits more hair growth? Truth is, it’s an argument worth considering. For some, relaxed hair is damaged and length is only visualized because all of the kinks and curls are removed from their natural state and permanently […]

Growth Journey: Do Not Forget To Check Your Porosity

You may have heard the word ‘porosity’ thrown around quite loosely when women who are on a hair growth journey get together to talk about their goals. Porosity refers to the ability of your hair strand to maintain the moisture it comes it contact with. This includes water, leave in conditioners, regular conditioners or even […]

Quality Extensions Will Never Replace Your Own Healthy Hair

A woman with glamorous extensions will be quick to tell you that it is her hair …. because she purchased it! The quality of weave hair has improved dramatically over the years, there are techniques that not only make the hair look exactly like your own, there are also techniques that make installation not only much easier […]