Elongtress is a multi-product brand that was created by myself, Alma Ruddock to help people meet their hair health and hair growth goals. The creation of the brand was a seamless and a natural progression from our teaching platform (Blackhairinformation.com) where we interact with thousands of women daily providing content that serves to educate them on how to care for their hair.

We learned early on that a lot of people still did not understand that there is a direct link between nutrition and hair quality and growth. Hair skin and nails are usually the first to suffer when nutrition through diet is not ideal. As such we wanted to offer a solution to people who want to supplement their diet and meet their hair growth goals. Elongtress hair vitamins was the first product in our line up that solved the problem of getting adequate nutrition internally.

Next we introduced Elongtress biotin gummies, a fantastic addition to any regimen for better quality hair, skin and nails. It has the added benefit of being in gummy form with a strawberry flavor for those who prefer not to swallow pills. Each serving still packs a punch with 5000mcg of Bitoin per serving!

The fancy hair oils came about as a result of me trying but failing to find a hair oil with the right mix of essential oils. Through my research as a blogger, I discovered there is a combination of essential oils proven to be beneficial in helping hair growth and our fancy hair oils filled that gap seamlessly.

Our whipped shea butter line was the result of research into healthy hair habits that showed that while many of us know the benefits of natural products, particularly oils and natural butters for skin and hair, not many of us know how to use them in their raw form.

Shea butter has been the secret to youth and beautiful skin and hair, used in West Africa by generations of women and we didn’t want to do too much to this precious butter to make it easy to use. So with the greatest of respect to the raw butter, we whip it up along with some grapeseed oil and a touch of fragrance to provide all the benefits in an easy to use cream.

We are very proud and excited about all of our Elongtress products and the success of our customers hair, skin and nails continues to be our number one priority. We will continue to educate women and men on all things hair as well as create more products to help with that education.