4 Ways To Fight Dry Hair During The Winter Months

The cold temperatures during the winter can be brutal. For your hair included. While I’m currently staring at temps fluctuating back and forth from the lower teens up to the mid 40s, I can’t help but feel for my hair. I can literally feel the moisture dwindling as the cold wind harshly blows against it.

As someone who is not currently rocking a protective style, I am required to change up my hair routine a bit during these colder months to ensure that I am retaining as much moisture as I possibly can and fighting dry hair.

Here are 4 particular methods I implement to fight dry hair during the winter months.

1. Enhance your deep conditioning

My deep conditioner is bae. Everytime I wash my hair with shampoo a deep conditioning treatment must follow. While this is often times enough, I am always sure to “up my game” when it’s a bit more colder and windy out to add a little extra oomph.

I do this by first adding the deep conditioner so that all my strands are saturated and then I added a heaping amount of a heavy oil such as Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) to coat my strands.

It is always necessary to cover your hair with a plastic cap as to incorporate heat which allows the cuticles of your strands to gently raise and allow the moisturizing components to penetrate and enter the hair shaft.

When rinsing, be sure to use cool water which will close your cuticles and seal in any moisture that is within it.

I find that this little addition does wonders for moisture retention and keeping my curls hydrate, shiny, and filled with luster.

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