Wigs & Weave Are The Path To Long Hair, Not The End Goal

I hate to think that women are more concerned about how they look rather than their general health but I have heard some startling confessions.

Women have actually told me that they do not really care much about their real hair because they always wear extensions or weave.

Additionally, if you are on social media you will often see pictures from stylists who are challenged with the task of helping women with extreme hair loss because they have not been taking care of their own hair.

Wearing wigs and weaves as part of protective styling is the path to long hair nirvana but remember that in and of themselves, they are not the goal. If you use protective styling as part of your hair regimen, here are two reasons you should always think about your own hair first:

You need your real hair to keep growing

What is the point of protective styling if your real hair is compromised? Even though you choose to wear wigs, weaves, braids or any other protective style, your real hair serves as the foundation for all of these styles.

The point is, if your scalp is damaged and your hair is not growing anymore, you cannot wear any extensions anyway. Extensions will only cause more damage to what matters the most and that is your real hair.

You cannot replace your real hair or rather it would be very costly

In general, you cannot replace your real hair, however, I am aware that due to medical developments you can now have hair transplants which are expensive.

In essence, people with money will be able to afford to fix this mistake but those without will remain with damaged hair follicles for life. Even if you could afford it, would you rather go through this process or just take good care of your hair from the get-go?

I have seen people walking around with damaged hairlines and it is a sad sight to see when the education is out there.

It’s better to be informed and change our practices so that we can rock whatever styles we like be it weaves, wigs, braids, relaxed hair, natural hair etc.

Bottom line is, regardless of how beautiful a hairstyle using hair extensions looks, ultimately, only your real hair matters.