Hair Growth: Relaxed vs Natural

Relaxed vs natural hair seems to be a continuous debate within the African American community. Which is better? Which exhibits more hair growth? Truth is, it’s an argument worth considering.

For some, relaxed hair is damaged and length is only visualized because all of the kinks and curls are removed from their natural state and permanently straightened. On the contrary, some say that natural hair requires too much work to see the fruit of the labor, as shrinkage is real.

To set the record straight it is possible to have healthy hair growth with both relaxed and natural hair types.

The average human rate of hair growth is about 0.5 inches per month, or about 6 inches per year. Of course for some this speed can be expedited through the use of vitamins and or the use of natural hair growth aids like oils, but the decision of relaxing your hair or remaining natural has no direct effect on this speed.

I must add that length retention itself is what really comes into play.

Length retention depends on regular hair trims and healthy hair care and maintenance. If you are holding onto split ends or not keeping your hair properly moisturized, you will see breakage and weak thin hair. Failure to uphold to these practices will in fact stunt your hair growth, which is why many people with relaxed hair fail to see the growth they desire.

While this does not go for all, many individuals with relaxed hair do not practice a proper hair care routine to upkeep the actual health of their strands. Naturals, on the other hand, are required to devote time to wash day to ensure their hair is properly moisturized and cared for or their style outcome will show the negative effects.

This is why it’s important for both ladies with relaxed and natural hair to make sure they are keeping up with a healthy hair routine in order to retain the length their hair is already constantly putting out.

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