5 Ways to Reduce Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia is an adverse hair problem that is affecting more and more women every day. It is essentially hair loss that occurs over a period of time due to too much tension. It mainly affects hair along the hairline, also known as our edges.

We’re beginning to see more photos being shared on social media of women wanting to take control of their edges and journey to healthy hair growth.

Here are 5 tips to reduce or avoid traction alopecia.

1. Avoid tight buns and ponytails

The pulling of our hair causes tension and the hair to loosen in the follicles. The repetition of this ultimately damages the follicles and prevents hair growth. Try to not wear you hair in repeated tight buns and ponytails to avoid breakage.

2. Minimize box braid installations

Box braids and twists that are often installed at African Hair Braiding salons are typically styled extremely tight around the edges. Tighter braids give a cleaner look but the more often you get your hair styled this way can lead to damaged hair and thin edges. Opt for maybe getting them installed once a year.

3. Try different braid patterns for sew ins and wigs

Women who get sew ins and wear wigs on a regular basis typically wear their hair in cornrows and are prone to traction alopecia. Instead of getting braids straight back or in the same pattern every time, try to switch it up so that your strands aren’t constantly being pulled in the same direction.

4. Style Variation

Hairstyle variation is also important in reducing traction alopecia. This especially applies to those who protective style. You shouldn’t be wearing sew ins months after months without giving your tresses a chance to rest. Opt to wear a sew in for a bit and then your natural hair for a month or two to ensure your hair is not stressed.

5. Natural Castor Oil Treatment 

Lastly, you can try the natural treatment approach with the use of castor oil or Jamaican black castor oil. This thick oil is known to promote hair growth. By rubbing a little on your edges every night you can ensure that they are nourished and given a little boost to remain intact. Our very own hair growth oil uses the power of pure castor oil along with essential oils to stimulate and increase hair growth rate.

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