4 Reasons Your Hair Vitamin Should Have A Healthy Dose of Niacin

Vitamin A, check, Vitamin C check, Iron check, Folic acid check, Niacin (Vitamin B3), double check! There are many reasons why you might need to watch the dosages on your vitamin label. One reason is ensuring that you are receiving everything you need from the supplement in comparison to what you might receive in your diet.

Niacin is a water soluble vitamin, and this simply means that our body does not store it, and so we have to eat food containing niacin daily to reap the benefits of it.

Niacin is found in red meat, liver, kidneys, turkey, fish some leafy greens and sun dried tomatoes. Men need about 16 mg of Niacin daily and women need around 14 to get the medical benefits when not pregnant. When a woman is pregnant she needs more of the vitamin to sustain herself and her baby.

If you ever wonder where your energy comes from then look no further because Niacin is responsible for the body’s energy production. It helps with increasing circulation throughout the body and the scalp by dilating our blood vessels and capillaries causing a consistent pumping motion.

The more circulation you have at the scalp area the better the positive effects on the growth cycles of our hair strand. Niacin is known as the essential vitamin that prevents hair thinning for the very reason that we just described. Now that we have that out of the way here are the 4 reasons your hair vitamin should have a healthy dose of Niacin

1. The Vitamin is water soluble

We mentioned in our description that niacin is water soluble and to reiterate, this is one solid reason that we need a Niacin supplement.

Supplementing niacin is not a bad idea since we lose the vitamin daily through excretion, this means that ensuring that we have some solid doses is a priority for our overall health and for our hair.

2. Some of us do not eat meat

A growing sector of us who try to maintain a healthy lifestyle might decide that limiting our consumption of meat might be more beneficial to our overall health. If not for our over all health some of us might avoid meat out of respect for the planet and all its inhabitants.

This means that you have virtually eliminated some of the major sources of the vitamin and though there are plant sources you might find that supplementing is a safe back up option.

3. Targeting a problem

Niacin prevents thinning and from all that we have talked about its not hard to see why. If you suffer from thin hair and you want to ensure that you have great hair growth this is one of the vitamins you should look for in your supplement. Niacin is known to target thinning and hair loss, jump starting your otherwise dormant hair follicles as blood is pumped around the scalp area.

4. Overall health

Niacin is known to reduce cholesterol, specifically boosting the levels of good HDL cholesterol and lowing triglycerides and can reduce bad LDL cholesterol slightly.

If you decide to take niacin directly as a means of targeting your cholesterol then it is important that you talk to a medical practitioner to understand all aspects of taking Niacin directly, any specific side effects for you and just how much you should take if at all.

Next time you look at the label of your hair vitamin bottle make sure you see Niacin high on the list and then check how much of it is in each serving size. If you think you might have a niacin deficiency then supplementing just might be right up your alley.

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